The 803 Foundation's Board Members, Research Fellows and Associates, and Collaborators have been actively publishing scientific and creative information in a variety of peer reviewed and public vehicles. 


Our research team has also been actively lecturing and presenting our findings at local, regional, national, and international meetings. We have also received many offers for Visiting Professorships and Invited lectures at a host of University, Public, and Private venues.

David Teplica as Visiting Professor at Dartmouth 2012

David Teplica as Visiting Professor at Dartmouth 2012

Ongoing Projects

  • Highly Standardized Anatomic Photography of the Human Body using the Visible Light Spectrum

  • The Mirroring Phenomenon and “Anatomic Predetermination”

  • Full-body Analysis of Subcutaneous Fat Pad Anatomy

  • Deciphering HIV Lipodystrophy

  • Fat Pad Variation by Gender, Sexuality, Hormonal State, and Age- and Disease Progression

  • Autologous Fat Transfer of Specific Adipocyte Sub-populations

  • Anatomically-Based Circumferential Liposuction

  • Poly-dimensional Analysis of Gender and Sexuality