Anatomic Workshops

The Foundation holds periodic workshops to teach medical professionals how to analyze and anatomically map the surface of the normal human body in an effort to guide natural-appearing and gender appropriate surgical manipulation of form. The process can also be used for research purposes, permitting documentation and quantification of anatomic findings. The workshops gather excellent reviews from medical students, surgical residents, as well as practicing academic and community plastic surgeons. Nurses and operating room personnel are also encouraged to attend to better understand the decision-making process behind actual surgical cases.

Email us for information about upcoming dates and locations for future Anatomical Mapping Workshops.


Photographs of Dr. David Teplica are requested for exhibition or are brought out of museum collections for public display. Many of the images were produced as part of the research or creative projects hosted by The 803 Foundation and contain both aesthetic appeal as well as intellectual content. For a partial list of exhibitions, please click the button below:

David Teplica exhibition "Gemelli" by David Travis, Florence, 2012

David Teplica exhibition "Gemelli" by David Travis, Florence, 2012

Public Outreach